Development of digital microfluidic based photonic nano-biosensor (Lab-on—chip) for the detection of E. coli

Child morbidity and mortality rates are directly influenced by pathogens that are present in our every day lives. In India, densely populated areas have seen increases in affected children over recent years. In order to combat the increasing rate of antimicrobial resistant pathogens such as E. coli, an easy to use, practical and cost effective detection system will be developed on a microfluidic platform. Digital microfluidics are essentially small labs on a chip that analyse properties of fluids through various means. An existing optical biosensor for E. coli has been developed at IIT Bombay. This project will integrate the existing optical E. coli sensor onto a microfluidic platform that will allow for rapid hands-free testing of fluid samples. If successful, a cost effective E. coli detection unit will be developed on a digital microfluidic device that can be used without sending any samples to a laboratory.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mina Hoorfar


André van den Berg



Engineering - mechanical



University of British Columbia Okanagan


Globalink Research Award

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