Development of efficient and inexpensive thermal storage “on demand” for Dish/Stirling System

In this project we aim to study means of development of a new concept of the thermal energy storage (TES) technology which allows for the collection of thermal energy for later use. With the Solar Power System it is necessary to balance energy demand between day and night time. On the one hand, TES can help improve the performance of a power generating system by achieving full load operation of the thermodynamic cycle at high efficiency. On the other hand, demand for energy for personal needs is unsteady during the day. Therefore, storage for the solar system is necessary and cannot be avoided. This storage can find an application in both the domestic and industrial sectors, with the final aim of achieving commercialization in the Canadian market. The implementation of these storage systems may lead to marked energy savings and significant lowering of CO2 emission.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maria Elektorowicz


Cedric De Luca


Innovative Solar Power Inc


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy


Concordia University



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