Development of electrospun micro/nano fibrous strain sensors with temperature sensing capabilities for wearable textile applications

Piezoresistive strain sensors respond to a mechanically induced deformation with a change in their electrical resistance. Large strain flexible strain sensors have been adopted for numerous applications including rehabilitation, health and sport performance monitoring as well as physiology and kinesiology applications. Although development of these flexible strain sensors has reached a level of maturity, design of a multifunctional strain sensor with temperature sensing capabilities and its integration with wearable textiles and electronics have still remained a challenge. In this project, a flexible strain sensor with high sensitivity and durability will be manufactured to be integrated within Myant’s knitted textiles while maintaining their already existing passive and active sensing features. A temperature sensing aspect will also be included in the device by using polymers with shape memory properties. For this purpose, an electrically conductive polymeric matrix will be fabricated to form a micro/nano fibrous flexible substrate.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hani Naguib


Nazanin Khalili


Myant Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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