Development of Enhanced RF-ICP thermal torch for waste to energy and radioactive waste material treatment

The fields of plastic waste management and radioactive waste treatment are essential for sustainable society that utilizes plastic waste for energy production and radiation safety. Land filing and incineration of plastic waste has large environmental impacts due to GHG emissions. The mentioned challenges could be eliminated using a more reliable and controllable thermal source such as inductively coupled thermal plasma (ICP) torches that enhance the chemical reactivity and operating parameters using radio-frequency thermal plasma jets. In this project an advanced 1100 W RF-ICP will be simulated, designed and constructed to generate RF thermal plasma jet which is integrated in Pro-flange stainless steel reactors at a pilot plant scale to enhance the chemical reactivity and produce clean gasoline and diesel fuels suitable for usage in ignition engines. This integration shall improve the quality of end-products, eliminate tar and wax content, provide better temperature control in chemical reactors, as well as enhance the chemical reactivity and thermal cracking reaction parameters. It is expected that thermal plasma torch temperature will reach to almost 8000 degree Celsius using Argon gas.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossam Gaber


Vahid Damideh


Pro-Flange Ltd






Ontario Tech University



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