Development of Environmentally-Benign Compressed Air Vehicles


The present project conducts a comprehensive thermodynamic analysis of the compressed air vehicle for its performance assessment and comparison with other types of vehicles, undertakes a life cycle assessment to study material, energy and environmental impact related aspects, investigates the physical limits of the compressed air technology, and develops a feasible conceptual design of the system for prototyping and implementation, covering all phases associated to research results to support follow on proof of concept work consisting of prototype development and financial resource engagement. The metrics generated by t he research project will strengthen Planet’s case for cooperation and financial support and ongoing work in building partnerships with public and private sector stakeholders, including a testing and evaluation phase, currently in the planning stage, to be carried out in partnership with amid sized municipality in Southern Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer


Mehmet Kursad Cohce




Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry




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