Development of experimental test facilities and rigorous testing protocols to characterize non-linear pitot probe measurements in the vicinity of a deformable bluff body to be used at AeroLab Technology

Prediction of fluid dynamic phenomena is an area of research all on its own. A complete solution to the non-linear Navier-Stokes equations that governed fluid flow has yet to be found using modern mathematics. It is for this reason in order to characterize and test new aerodynamic sensors a test facility must exists where various parameters can be control in order to understand their effect. AeroLab Technology requires an intern with a background in fluid mechanics and experimental design to design and contruct of a wind tunnel to perform preliminary tests on current and upcoming sensors designs. In order to ensure high quality data the intern will additionally develop testing procedures for the new facilities in order to minimize the systematic error in performing experiments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Martinuzzi


Matthew Singbeil


KAZAK Group of Companies


Engineering - mechanical




University of Calgary



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