Development of Framework for Integrating Smartphones for Transportation Information Applications

Recently, a new kind of cell phones known as “smartphones” is introduced and sold to the public in great numbers. A smartphone generally refers to a cell phone that is capable of communicating through the internet (via wireless internet or data network), determining its current positions (with Global Positioning System, GPS), and taking photos (with high resolution cameras) in addition to the classic voice communications. Most smartphones are also equipped with touch screens that provide a user-friendly intuitive interface. The phone manufacturers provide their own software development kits (SDK) that allows customizing their phones so that transportation researchers can access new types of data and provide useful information back to the user. This research proposes the development of methods and prototypes of different mobile smartphone applications that involve new types of data that are beneficial to commuters in various modes of transportation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Said Easa


Young-Ji Byon



Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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