Development of Gesture-based interfaces for in-vehicle information systems

Driver distraction has long been a critical issue drawing substantial amount of research effort. In order to reduce driver distraction for improved driving performance and safety, automotive suppliers have been endeavoring to provide optimum user interaction solutions. Until recent years, there have been growing interests in the use of gestural interfaces for in-vehicle information systems; however, little is known about how such gesture-based interactions differ from existing touch- and voice-based interactions in the context of driver distraction. In the proposed research, the intern will work closely with the partner organization – Qualcomm, to help design and evaluate the gesture-based interactions under development at the company. Comparisons among different interaction types will be conducted and evaluated extensively. The project will provide empirically supported suggestions and identify relevant performance metrics for designing advanced in-vehicle gestural interfaces. This gesture capability is expected to minimize driver distraction and will help Qualcomm open up additional client opportunities with auto manufacturers as well as Tier 1 automotive suppliers and infotainment system providers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Birsen Donmez


Tsang Ngai Hung


Qualcomm Canada Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


University of Toronto



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