Development of Green Ceramic formulations, testing and manufacturing process from Alberta oil sands tailings – part 2

Occupying the large tailings ponds is the most significant environmental issue for oil sand conventional extraction process. Making Green Ceramic/building materials is the most promising method to reduce the size of tailings ponds. This not only leads to consumption of tailings but also results in valuable products for the construction industries. The main objectives of this research are to introduce compositions and techniques for production of building materials; and evaluate its performance under harsh environment (cold and windy weather) particularly in Alberta by complying with Alberta Building Code. The initial design of experiment and research on characterization of different tailings, the composition and method of manufacturing of the building materials were investigated by the intern. Application of the developed techniques would reduce the size of the tailing’s ponds, and the associated environmental liability and risk. The current project will help Green Ceramic Company to provide the fundamental scientific data and engineering insights to support successful scale-up for manufacturing building materials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohtada Sadrzadeh


Mirjavad Geramian


Green Ceramics


Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta


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