Development of hand hygiene disinfectant using natural and non-flammable active ingredients

The use of hand disinfectant appears to have become a common practice for infectious as well as non-infectious individuals across the world for years now. Recently, a strong push to enforce the usage of hand disinfectants after touching any surface in public places due to the pressure of Covid-19 pandemic was seen worldwide. Many varieties of hand disinfectants for killing bacteria and viruses have been in use across the world. However, most of them use flammable solvents including alcohol as the main disinfectant. In this project, we develop and design an effective and acceptable disinfectant having broad-spectrum disinfectant properties using nonflammable active ingredients from plants. Various types of natural compounds having bacterial and viral killing properties will be tested to advance the disinfectant efficiency as well as replace maximum alcohol content. The demand for disinfectants is bound to strongly increase as the world is looking forward to re-opening. And the use of developed disinfectants using nonflammable and natural active ingredients will tackle the scarcity of hand disinfectants. Use of natural ingredients for formulating disinfectant using tools and techniques of Probiosphere Inc. will give the new direction to the Probiosphere R&D ream and their biological formulations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Satinder Kaur Brar


Rama Pulicharla




Engineering - civil


Management of companies and enterprises


York University


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