Development of High Efficiency Compact Recuperators

Distributed Power Generation (DPG) offers a novel approach to reduce power losses. Micro-turbines (MT) are instrumental in the development of a high efficiency DPG system. The major drawback is the associated wasted heat. Increasing the viability of DPG is directly linked with the development of higher efficiency MTs. MTs equipped with a recuperator preheating the inlet gas using the heat recovered from the hot exhaust gases have the potential to reach over 50% thermal efficiency. To this end, a new method for producing recuperators has recently been developed by Brayton Energy Canada. The overall program objective is to further develop economical and practical solution for the commercial implementation of recuperators using the Cold Spray process to produce high performance external fins and different materials for the recuperator core in order to be used commercially by Brayton Energy Canada. The program specifically targets issues that have been identified by Brayton as leading edge/disruptive applications. It is envisioned that the technologies developed through the program will quickly be implemented by Brayton Energy Canada and its partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. B. Jodoin


Yannick Cormier, Philippe Dupuis, Aslan Farjam & TBD


Brayton Energy Canada


Engineering - mechanical




University of Ottawa



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