Development of High-Performance Energy-Efficient Hybrid Door Systems for the Canadian North

Reduction of energy consumption in every aspect of our daily life is considered to be the primary key to address the causes of global warming and resulting climate change. Buildings consume up to 40% of our total national energy requirement and thus increased energy efficiency of the built environment would certainly help mitigating the causes of climate change. Recent upgrades in National Energy Code for Buildings have recommended significantly higher energy efficiency and thus resulted in increasing the insulating values of walls, roofs, windows and attics. However, for many decades the energy efficiency or insulating value of the basic exterior door has been overlooked for various practical reasons such as thickness limitation, difficulties to resist airflow, etc. As a result a huge market demand has been created for high-performance energy-efficient doors. The proposed research project aims to integrate various state-of-the-art insulating materials and technologies in exterior door construction and develop high-performance energy-efficient door systems that are specifically suitable for northern Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya


Weidong (Klaus) Fan



Engineering - mechanical




University of Victoria



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