Development of Imaging Algorithms for an Automated Specimen Processing Robotics System

Dynacon Inc. is a company that specializes in applying automation and robotics technology to the microbiology industry. Their complete robotics control systems automate the repetitive and time consuming process of sample handling and labelling, which were previously performed by lab technicians. The current project aims to enhance the reliability and overall value of the robotics system by developing intelligent imaging and vision algorithms to aid in the automation process. The proposed enhancements include, but are not limited to verifying the conditions of various apparatus and ensuring the completion of several essential tasks. Finally, implementation of the corresponding imaging algorithms must be optimized and seamlessly integrated into the complex control software of the existing system. The achievement of this objective is essential in order to maintain the fast throughput of the current system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Magdy Salama


Robert Sheng Xu


Dynacon Inc.




Life sciences


University of Waterloo



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