Development of innovative approaches for the extraction and recovery of resources from gold-bearing materials

This project would address basic unanswered questions about how the application of environmentally benign process (i.e., biohydrometallurgy) on mine ores and tailings can leach and extract base and, precious that are essential for today’s “smarter” technologies. Bioprocessing methods for bio-extraction and bio-recovery of elements offer a new potential sustainable alternative compared to chemical conventional approaches. Rather than biohydrometallurgy, the proposed research program will also develop an economic process capable of recovering valuable metals directly from ores without the need for reprocessing. Therefore, this project will increase the flow-on benefit to the Quebec and Canada economy in a circular way. The results of this research will offer better management practices for tailing and reduced risks of environmental impacts and liabilities. Among HQP, 2 Ph.D.s and 1PDFs will be trained throughout the proposed research program. Such scientific and technological advances would significantly help for successful reclaiming mine tailings to address high-risk elements or effluents thereby reducing the overall volume of these waste in the long term.

Faculty Supervisor:

Satinder Kaur Brar


Mohammad Hossein Karimi Darvanjooghi;KamalPreet Kaur Brar;Javad Ghanei


Centre technologique des résidus industriels


Engineering - civil



York University



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