Development of innovative thermal efficient steel studs

With the growing demand for energy efficient buildings, conventional steel wall studs are no longer an appropriate choice for exterior walls. Conventional steel studs cause an inordinately high degree of thermal bridging which lowers the energy efficiency of the building. New building codes are demanding higher energy efficient buildings. To address this concern, Structa Wire Corporation started the development of an innovative steel stud that replaces the solid steel web in the conventional steel stud with welded wires. The newly proposed steel stud shows promising energy efficiency, by demonstrating a significant reduction in thermal bridging. However, the structural integrity of the innovative steel stud needs to be confirmed through rigorous analytical simulation and experimental testing. An intern from UBC will work closely with Structa Wire Corporation to conduct experimental testing program and to optimize the structural performance of the innovative steel stud.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tony Yang


Lisa Tobber


Structa Wire Corp


Engineering - civil


Advanced manufacturing




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