Development of Innovative Tools for Conducting Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

All new infrastructure and natural resource projects being developed in Canada are required to undergo an Environmental Assessment. A key aspect of this regulatory process is the need to demonstrate that the activity will not adversely affect human or ecosystem health. It is through the science of human health and ecological risk assessment (HHERA) that these predictions are made. The science and toxicology of making these risk predictions more accurate continues to evolve at a rapid pace. At Intrinsik Environmental Sciences our MITACs interns will work closely with our professional staff to develop innovative tools to improve our knowledge and understanding of predicting how people and ecosystems interact with chemical releases. Specifically they will tackle the challenges of how chemical emissions from oil and gas development in British Columbia and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) municipal waste facilities across the country could affect the communities we live in.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Jon Arnott & Roberta Fulthorpe


Nicole Thackeray, Derek Lee, Christopher Ng & Scott Lewis


Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Toronto



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