Development of lead-free solder alloys for electronic assembly Year Two

Recent environmental concerns and legislations over the use of lead are driving the microelectronics industry towards intensive search for lead free solder alloys in electronic packaging. Among many lead free solders, Sn-Cu-Ag system has been regarded as the most promising and attractive candidate alloy system for the conventional Sn-Pb solder alloys, owing to its wettability and mechanical properties. However, problems such as the formation of large brittle phases, high melting temperature, low reliability and high cost of silver prevent its wide practical application in microelectronic industry. Moreover, in order to comply with demands for finer pitch and minatory microelectronics, novel lead-free solders with better thermo-mechanical and metallurgical performances are required. The alloys that are developed in this project should address and resolve those issues.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mihriban Pekguleryuz


Amir Hossein Nobari


AIM Metals and Alloys LP




Advanced manufacturing


McGill University



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