Development of Machining Strategies for Low Machinability Powder Metallurgy Ni-Alloys

Nickel based alloys manufactured via powder metallurgy (PM) are the next generation of materials that offer great service performance and increased efficiency of gas turbine engines. This class of material is characterized by their poor machinability. Additionally, limited information is known about the integrity of machined surfaces; thus limiting its acceptance by the industry. This research is expected to produce the following results: (a) developing machining strategies, and defining the optimum cutting parameters and the parameters of high pressure cooling (HPC), (b) supporting the design of cutting tools; material (CBN and WC grades), geometry and surface coatings, for machining of P/M nickel based alloys, and (c) providing a methodology for the design of the HPC delivery system; both internally through the tool holder / inducers, and externally through a nozzle, in order to maximize the heat dissipation from the cutting zone on the tool.

Faculty Supervisor:

Helmi Attia


Mahmoud Hassan


SECO Tools Canada Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




McGill University



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