Development of Market Driven Sustainable Housing Technologies for Ontario through Comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation. Benchmarking. Modeling and Simulation of the TRCA‐BILD Archetype Sustainable Houses


The overall objective of the proposed project is to conduct long‐term performance analysis and evaluation of major renewable energy and advanced mechanical systems installed in the two TRCA‐BILD Archetype Sustainable houses located at Kortright Centre in Woodbridge. Ontario. The facility will be served as an education, demonstration, training, and research infrastructure for sustainable housing technologies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in partnerships with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Association, and many other partners. This will entail 1) development of the overall flexible and expandable monitoring system, 2) identification and ratification of potential design and operational problems through detailed equipment and monitoring system commission processes, 3)
conduct long‐term performance monitoring and data collection, 4) development and validation of building energy simulation modules to be used in future Hot2000/3000 software, and 4) analysis and evaluation of long‐term system performance for each major equipment and a house as a whole. This is the second year of the expected three year research internship project with the TRCA‐BILD Archetype House facility.
Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alan S. Fung


Dahai Zhang, Rupayan Barua, Fabio Almeida, Amir Alizadeh-Safa, Kamil Shami and Kamyar Tanha


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry


Ryerson University



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