Development of MEMS auto-focusing mechanism for cell phone cameras

Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) refer to integrated mechanical & electrical systems in micron scale that are now growing in numbers due to a miniaturization trend. An advanced actuation method proposed for MEMS in University of Toronto and Ryerson University will be applied for an auto-focus mechanism in cell phone cameras. This research will build on work conducted by a six-member research team in both universities. The proposed MEMS autofocus not only has larger depth of focus, but also is faster than the current technologies, and is easier to implement. The larger focus depth is achieved by using a repulsive electrostatic force between the two MEMS electrodes with the same potential, and the better speed is obtained by using a closed-loop system. A new prototype for camera autofocus will be designed and characterized during this PDF Project. The results of this research can revolutionize cell phone cameras in terms of recording speed and imaging quality.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Siyuan He (Ryerson University) and Ridha Ben Mrad (University of Toronto)


Shahrzad (Sherry) Towfighian



Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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