Development of MEMS Quasi-static Micromirror for Laser Beam Steering Applications

In this proposed research, a MEMS quasi]static micromirror will be developed for laser beam steering for various applications such as projection displaying of CAD drawing for assembly of complex parts and biomedical microscopies for tissue and cardiovascular imaging and cancer and tumor detection. The micromirror to be developed is able to overcome the limitations of existing designs, i.e., increasing the response speed (reducing the settling time from 10ms ~20 ms to 1~3 ms) and lower the cost (lowering the cost from > $200/piece to <$50/piece). The industrial sponsor of the proposed research, World Star Tech, is currently developing micromirror based laser beam steering scanners with a micromirror as the core component of the scanner. Micromirrors in the market cannot meet the requirement of World Star Tech.fs laser beam steering scanners due to the low response speed and high cost. The outcome of the proposed research will provide World Star Tech. with a high speed and low cost MEMS micromirror meeting the requirements of its laser beam steering scanners which are under development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Siyuan He


Soonho Park


World Star Tech




Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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