Development of Micromirror for Portable Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking uses laser power to make permanent signs on product surface. In 2012, World Star Technologies developed the first portable laser marking machine in the world by replacing the conventional galvanometer based scanning head with a 2D micromirror. It reduces the size, weight and price by 1000, 5 and 10 times. However it has limited marking area due to the limited rotation angle of the micromirror. It is highly desired by the customers to have a larger marking area to be used in more applications. In this project a novel 2D micromirror is to be developed which can output 2 times larger rotation angle to enlarge the marking area by 4 times without sacrificing the making speed. The improved performance will significantly increase the product’s market share.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siyuan He


Hui Zuo


World Star Tech


Engineering - mechanical


Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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