Development of miniature fluorescence microscope with optogenetically synchronized patterned illumination – Year two

We propose development of miniature fluorescent microscope with flexible spatiotemporal photostimulation patterns of ensembles of neurons in freely behaving animals.For precision and targeted photostimulation of light-activated proteins (opsins), the light beam from high power incoherent light source will be shaped by user-controlled digital micromirror device (DMD). The light patterns formed by DMD will be sent via fiber bundle to miniature imaging system that can be implanted on the head of the animal. This will allow studying in real time the cellular and physiological mechanisms and the functional implication of different systems of the brain without restricting the free movements of animal. By further deepening its expertise in miniature microscopy, optogenetic tools and high power light sources, Doric Lenses will strengthen its positions as one of the leading developers and suppliers of microscopy solutions for life sciences. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Piché


Karen Bakhshetyan


Doric Lenses Inc.


Visual arts


Life sciences


Université Laval



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