Development of model for high temperature composite materials used in aerospace

The use of composite materials for high temperature aerospace applications requires new studies in order to better understand the behaviour of these novel materials, and to generate appropriate design tools. The main goals of this project are to develop a set of numerical tools that will be used to predict the fatigue behaviour of advanced high temperature composite materials. The first step will be to complete the development of the tools. Then, the tools will be implemented into existing software currently used by the industry partner. Finally, the procedures for using the tools will be documented. The numerical model will be used by the industry partner for the development of new gas turbine engines that utilize high temperature composite materials. This research is part of a larger collaborative project and is therefore of considerable interest to the industry partner. The research is significant because it will lead to optimal light-weight composite component design, which will increase fuel economy and therefore benefit the environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Zouheir Fawaz


John Montesano


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


Ryerson University



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