Development of MXene/Graphene composite electrodes for high performance capbattery

Burning fuels such as gasoline and diesel in our vehicles causes green house gas emissions and it is a major cause of global warming. If electric vehicles replace gasoline powered vehicles, the emission will be much lower. The peak power demand of an electric vehicle during acceleration is the key factor for its battery size. The large battery size causes less optimal use of energy and finally ends up with lower mileage in electric vehicles. These limitations could be solved by combination of battery system with supercapacitors. The project goal is to develop a high-performance capbattery device that can successfully integrate with batteries in partner organization’s electric vehicles and thereby greatly reduce the maximum power requirement of the battery. This will allow for a smaller battery size and faster charging and also reduce the cost of electric vehicles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Venkataraman Thangadurai


Sanoop Palakkathodi Kammampata


Nissan Motor Company






University of Calgary


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