Development of new approaches to promote proliferation of insulin producing pancreatic ?-cells in diabetic patients

Reduced number of insulin producing ?-cells in pancreas due to increased ?-cell death is a key defect in diabetes that eventually leads to elevated blood glucose levels and life-time treatment with glucose lowering drugs or daily insulin injections. Thus, finding therapeutic approaches to prevent the decrease in the number of insulin producing ?-cells in diabetic patients either by reducing ?-cell death or by increasing their proliferation is of great importance. In this study, we will use transformed and primary islet ?-cells, to investigate the effects of five purified natural products (to be provided by Blue-O Medicals Inc.) on ?-cell proliferation, function, and death. The findings of this study may lead to development of new therapeutic approaches to maintain enough number of ?-cells in diabetic patients to keep blood glucose within normal range thereby prevent progression of diabetes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lucy Marzban


Queenie Hui


Blue-O Technology Inc.




Life sciences




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