Development of new generation of tool steels by modification in chemical composition, grain refinement, and cryogenic treatment – Year two

DK SPEC is a major producer of blades, cutters, and saws, made of tool steel, for the Canadian wood industry. In order to keep up with the stiff competition, the company has acquired some state-of-the-art heat treatment furnaces for cryogenic treatment. They have a complete cycle for machining, hardening, cryogenic and tempering cycles. They will shortly acquire a rolling machine in order to do deformation either cold or warm on the as-annealed materials before machining and final advanced heat treatment cycle. In this project new alloy will be designed and the developed knowledge and documentation during this project will help the industrial partner to implement the findings into its manufacturing process. The commitment, technical and operational contributions of company is clear indication of its interest to increase its technological level and produce high value added products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Jahazi


Hadi Ghasemi Nanesa




Engineering - mechanical






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