Development of Nickel-Rich and Lithium-Rich Layered Cathode Materials for High-Performance All-Solid-State Pouch Cells

This project will aim at developing all-solid-state pouch cells (ASSPCs) based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) derived cathode surface modification, ultrathin solid-state electrolyte sheets (USESs) and flexible electrodes preparation. The project includes: (1) fabricating uniform surface coating and doping on nickel-rich and lithium-rich layered cathode materials by ALD and post-annealing treatment, (2) developing sulfide and halide based USESs and flexible electrodes and exploring its scale-up technology, (3) achieving efficient fabrication of ASSPCs with long cycling life and high energy density. The goal of this project is to address the challenges associated with the fundamental investigation and fabrication process of all-solid-state lithium batteries (ASSLBs). Successful completion of the proposed project will provide significant benefits to the industrial partner as well as benefiting Canada’s knowledge and technology on high energy density ASSLBs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xueliang Andy Sun


Ruizhi Yu



Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Western University


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