Development of novel bacterial plant growth promoting formulation

The agricultural sector is currently facing a conundrum, whereas the needs to produce more (food, fiber, bioenergy) are ever increasing, the land and resources needed to produce them are diminishing. Furthermore, consumer and legislator pressure for environmentally friendly products is increasing Accordingly, the development of sustainable alternatives such as the use of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) for improving agriculture production is gaining interest. Bio-inoculants thus represents an open and growing market.The overarching goal of this work will be to isolate and select, from new and existing collections, potential bacteria and develop commercial bio-inoculant formulations. To achieve this goal, a tripartite collaboration will be established. Biotechnologies Ulysse inc. (Dr. Yves Hurtubise) are a company specializing in bacterial fermentation optimization and production, Dr. Carole Beaulieu is an expert on the biological control of plant pathogens, and François Gagné-Bourque, the post-doctoral candidate, specializes in the development of plant growth promoting bacteria.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carole Beaulieu


François Gagné-Bourque


Biotechnologies Ulysse Inc




Life sciences


Université de Sherbrooke



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