Development of novel biochemical and biophysical assays for the identification of inhibitors of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2

Cancer cells are known for their unique capacity to survive and grow in a low oxygen tension environment in the middle of a poorly vascularized solid tumor. This adaptation, which is central to the tumorigenesis process, is mediated by precise cellular mechanisms allowing the regulation of gene expression. Thus, the development of small molecules to modulate the activity of transcription factors is of great therapeutic interest. In order to develop such molecules, we plan to finance, with the help of IntelliSyn Pharma and Mitacs, one M.Sc. student. The trainee will study by a combination of biophysical approaches and computational chemistry the binding thermodynamics and kinetics of small compounds to the hypoxia inducible factor alpha-2. In turn, this knowledge will allow our partner IntelliSyn Pharma to optimize potent and selective inhibitors that could ultimately lead to novel cancer treatments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve Bourgault


Billel Djerir




Pharmacy / Pharmacology




Université du Québec à Montréal



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