Development of novel crop protection technologies using Canadian microbes

Development of new and improved plant biotimulants through the combination of soil-borne bacteria like Pseudomonas chlororaphis PA23 should provide new opportunities for crop improvement in the Canadian Agri-Food market. The proposed MITACS Accelerate project will support collaborative research and develop synergies between industry and scientists at the University of Manitoba to investigate the effect an an established plant growth promoting bacteria, PA23, in the presence and absence of one of Stoller Enterprises most well-known biostimulant product, BioForge. Together, the Belmonte lab and Stoller Enterprises Canada will work towards the commercial development of PA23 with existing Stoller products. Through formulation enhancement, we will development a deeper understanding into the products and timing of product application for crop improvement. Our work is driven by innovation and will train one MSc level student. The impact of this work will be realized by broad agricultural application to crops grown in Canada and around the globe and will dive innovation through discovery based science.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Belmonte


Joey Wan


Stoller Enterprises Ltd




Life sciences




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