Development of novel fuel additives for internal combustion engines

Fuel additives are used to increase oxygen content and lubricity of the fuel as well as enhance the efficiency of combustion, and reduce exhaust emissions (particulate matter, CO, NOx and SOx emissions). Vehicular pollution contaminates eco-system and affects human and plant life. The motivation of this research is to compliment petroleum based fuel additives by bio-based additives. The main objective of this research is to synthesize a novel glycerol ketal (solketal) as a biofuel additive and to prepare a single formulation of solketal and glycerol t-butyl ether for mixing with bioethanol blended gasoline to increase fuel efficiency and lubricity and to reduce exhaust gas emissions from transportation vehicles. This research will provide environmental friendly technologies to produce high-grade fuel additives for commercialization and if successful, it will generate additional revenue for the industry. Also, it will have positive environmental foot prints due to substitution of petroleum based products by bio-based materials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ajay Dalai


Ravi Dhabai


Spectrum Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological


Information and communications technologies


University of Saskatchewan



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