Development of novel MRI quantitative measures to correlate degenerative changes in the cervical spine with neurological dysfunction

Patients with cervical spine degeneration are difficult to diagnose and treat. Some patients will not benefit from surgical intervention while others require immediate surgical management to avoid permanent neurological deficits. Distinguishing between these patient groups is very difficult, and not effectively done with current protocols. Medical imaging is part of the current diagnostic protocol for these patients but the interpretation of the images and their contribution to patient diagnosis is unreliable and not consistent across radiologists. Advances in image analysis and computer power now allow for three-dimensional reconstructions of medical images and will facilitate the development of novel measures of spinal cord compression and degeneration. Therefore, this research project aims to establish a novel imaging protocol based on new advanced image technique analysis to improve the diagnostic value of medical imaging in order to provide a more clear and timely diagnosis for patients with CSM and determine the most effective treatment approach. As a world leader in medical orthopaedic devices, Medtronic Canada Inc will not only benefit from the results of this project but also from the collaboration with an established team of scientists including renowned orthopaedic surgeons and engineers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carolyn Sparrey


Maryse Fortin


Medtronic of Canada




Medical devices


McGill University



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