Development of novel nanomaterial in advanced lithium batteries for electric vehicles

There is an increasing demand for development of electric vehicle (EV) due to the serious energy shortages and environmental pollution. Advanced Lithium (Li) rechargeable batteries are the most promising power systems in commercial Hybrid EV. The main challenge is still the development of alternative material in terms of energy density, cycability, safety, and cost. In this proposed research, novel nanostructed material and catalysts will be developed to achieve these objectives for EV applications. This would help to make lithium batteries competitive with internal combustion engine. Major investments are being made for the commercial development of lithium battery for EV. A report indicated that electrified vehicles will create a Li battery industry with nearly $8 billion worldwide by 2015. This proposal will certainly accelerate the research process and its commercialization. It will also definitely benefit the industrial partner on not only economic benefits, but also social and environmental ones.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Xueliang (Andy) Sun


Jiajun Wang



Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


Western University



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