Development of novel oromucosal formulation based on a filmstrip technology for the delivery of psychedelic medications

New evidence about psychedelic remedies has increased the number of patients who potentially can benefit from therapies using these drugs. In clinical trials worldwide, the findings are reported on psychedelic medications for treating illnesses such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If psychedelic drugs are orally administered, the bioavailability can significantly decrease due to the first-pass metabolism of the liver. Therefore, to reach an optimum plasma concentration, the oromucosal route of administration, which is not subject to the first-pass metabolism, can be an innovative approach to improve the therapeutic effects of psychedelic substances. The aim of this research is to establish an oromucosal delivery platform for psychedelic molecules. In vitro simulated oromucosal test system will be developed to estimate the performance of mucosal delivery. The proposed research will give new insights into the potential of future alternative formulations of psychedelic-based medicines that might help many patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raimar Loebenberg


Chulhun Park


Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta


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