Development of Novel Power Take Off and Control Scheme for a Canadian Wave Energy Converter

In the proposed project, an exploratory study will be conducted on the control concept and WEC design developed by P2H2P in order to prove its viability for energy recovery from the waves. For this purpose, a time domain model and unique control system will be constructed considering the particularities of the design, as provided by P2H2P. The outcome of this project will be the predicted power output from the WEC in the typically sea states that occur off the West Coast of Canada, alongside the expected annual energy generation from this concept. The measure of success of this concept will be how well this concept performs compared to the concept with a passive power generation scheme. The relevance of this project for P2H2P is to determine the viability of their concept. They do not have the ability to numerically model their concept and to test out there theories, therefore they are currently relying on thought experiments to predict the likely motions and potential increases to power recovery. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Bradley Jason Buckham


Juan Ortiz


P2H2P Energy Recyclers Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


University of Victoria



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