Development of online rapid cognitive-motor assessment tool to monitor COVID-19-related dysfunction post-discharge

There is recent evidence that surviving COVID-19 (particularly following ventilator use) could result in changes to how well your brain controls functions important for daily living. Currently, however, there are few choices for clinicians to test these functions prior to hospital discharge and at follow-up. This project will develop a web-based cognitive-motor integration assessment tool (e.g., thinking and moving at the same time, important for daily function) that can be used to monitor the integrity of brain networks for higher neurological function. The two-phase project will first develop an existing assessment into one that can be used over the internet. Second, both healthy and post-COVID survivors will use the new web-based tool so that its usability and functionality can be examined and refined. This project will assist individuals and their caregivers in assessing the outcomes and future risks associated with COVID-19 infection- and treatment-caused damage to the central nervous system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lauren Sergio;Marin Litoiu


Payal Goyal


ProPlayAI Inc.




Professional, scientific and technical services


York University



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