Development of Oral Appliance Technology for the Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

The overall objective of this pilot study is to develop design, manufacturing and clinical protocols for the application of Klearway’s oral appliance therapy to a child population. By evaluating orthodontic records (questionnaires, x-rays and dental study models) together with blood oxygen levels before and after treatment, new applications for Klearway’s oral appliance use and new protocols in children may be defined. Five to ten children enrolled in the undergraduate orthodontic clinical program at the University of British Columbia will be recruited. The pilot sample is small to allow for design, laboratory and clinical protocol development in a structured manner which will be labour intensive until all the protocols redefined. As the deciduous dentition “baby teeth” transitions to adult teeth, up to three teeth in each arch can be completely relieved and adequate retention will be maintained. Selected patients may need more than one appliance manufactured. Patients will be instructed to wear the oral appliance at night only and will be seen approximately monthly for the 10 month test period. Standard clinical assessments to ensure that the effects are not simply postural in nature will be undertaken art each appointment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alan A. Lowe


Hiroko Tsuda


Space Maintainers Laboratories (Vancouver) Ltd.




Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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