Development of Persona Models for Banking Customers

In this research we will identify current types of customer, taking into account people who prefer to use a variety of platforms and different preferences in terms of how actively they manage their money. . We will carry out focus groups and interpret the results of a survey in terms of their implications for a set of factors that differentiate between banking customers. Using the factor scores obtained in a survey we will segment into meaningful groups (personas). A focus group will seek to validate the persona model inferred from the data analysis of the survey, and based on the focus groups and survey we will identify a revised set of key factors that underlie banking and investment preferences. The development of an up-to-date Persona model of customers will help TD target its offerings to different customer groups and will also assist it in designing user research activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Chignell


Thanyathorn Thanapattheerakul


Toronto-Dominion Bank


Engineering - mechanical


Finance, insurance and business


University of Toronto



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