Development of predictive erosion-corrosion models for potash slurry flow

Electrochemical corrosion is the most common source of plant downtime in the Chemical Processing Industries (CPI); in the Province of Saskatchewan, the Mining Industry plays a very significant role in CPI. Mineral processing plants handle electrolytic and abrasive materials that can cause very significant structural damage due to electrochemical corrosion and wear. The objective of this project is development of predictive erosion-corrosion CFD models to determine the influence of fluid and particle dynamics on the erosion-corrosion of piping in potash mills in order to assist in development of material selection guidelines for construction of new and repair of existing facilities. These models also will help in determining the appropriate operating conditions for operation of slurry test loop. This work will help Canada’s mining and mineral processing industries reduce the need to perform maintenance, and thus help pave the way to increased equipment durability and equipment safety being enhanced by the development of standards.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Evitts


Farzaneh Jalalinejad


International Minerals Innovation Institute


Engineering - chemical / biological


Mining and quarrying




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