Development of protein and carbohydrate complexation delivery systems for improving the transport, stability, and efficacy of plant immune aids

While modern pesticides have dramatically improved crop yields and food security, the challenges of emerging pest resistance, environmental run-off, and the need to help crops better cope with weather-related stresses like drought and extreme heat all demand new solutions. Our partner, Suncor, has recently developed a new class of plant immune aids that activate a plant’s native immune system to induce a range of beneficial responses to both pest and weather-related stresses while avoiding some of the downstream challenges associated with existing pesticide and fertilizer use. Intern Dr. Ali Akbari, working in Dr. Todd Hoare’s lab at McMaster, will collaborate with Suncor to encapsulate these immune response triggering chemicals using safe and inexpensive food-grade proteins that can actively transport the immune aid into the leaf for optimal activity and release the active agent over time to minimize the frequency of required re-application for the farmer. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Todd Hoare


Ali Akbari


Suncor Energy Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological






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