Development of Rapid Inverse Kinematics (IK) Modules for Integrated Robot Simulator

Industrial robotics (i.e. using robots for manufacturing processes) is one of the fastest growing industry sectors today. Traditionally, the process to program industrial robots has been laborious and time-consuming, with each robot having to be taken off-line for setup. Offline programming allows the robot users to program, simulate and generate code for multiple robots at the same time without disrupting the manufacturing process. To gain competitive edge in the global market for such specialized robot simulation programs, the industry partner is collaborating with researchers at University of Waterloo to develop rapid inverse kinematics (IK) code that will improve the ability to solve robotics problems on behalf of the user and make industrial robotic programming easier and faster. Users of offline programming solutions are not robotics experts. They are manufacturing trades people (e.g. Welders). Computationally efficient IK codes to be developed through this project will allow for algorithm development that can iteratively find optimized error free robot paths without user intervention.

Faculty Supervisor:

Soo Jeon


Mostafa Osman




Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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