Development of residential HVAC and air conditioning demand management and control system

Canada ranks very poorly in terms of energy usage per capita and in energy efficiency. As a large portion of this energy is used by buildings, saving the energy consumed by buildings will significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Efforts are underway to incorporate various energy-preserving and generating techniques to create such “Net Zero” (or even Net Positive) energy consuming buildings.  These buildings will be equipped with information and communication technology (ICT) backbone to maximize the energy production by renewable sources and minimize energy consumption by having constant communication with the external smart grid. Intelligent wireless sensor networks sensing various parameters such as temperature, humidity, illumination level and occupancy levels to achieve this goal. Therefore an intelligent sensing, communication and control network will be an integral part of smart buildings. The development of such an ICT backbone is the focus of this project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Xavier Fernando, Alan Fung & Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi


Sajjadul Latif, Sagar Chandra Kar, Salam Al-Juboori


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Engineering - computer / electrical




Ryerson University



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