Development of SCODA DNA Extraction for Forensics Applications.

Nucleic acid analysis in forensic science is a major focus for DNA‐based identification in case‐work samples. Approximately 5% ‐ 10% of samples are known to fail as a result of contaminants carrying through the purification process, or as a result of insufficient yield in the DNA extraction step. Whereas, most crime scene exhibits produce meaningful results, inhibitors, minute traces of DNA, degraded DNA, and environmental insults, reduce the investigative potential of some of the most crucial exhibits. This results in an inordinate amount of time being spent by laboratory personnel to solve problems and attempt to obtain useful conclusions from difficult samples. Through this project, evaluation of novel electrophoretic technology (SCODA) for purifying and extracting trace DNA evidence from difficult exhibits will potentially improve this aspect of forensic laboratory casework.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Sweet


Laura Mai





Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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