Development of specific peptide antagonists of muscarinic receptors to repair the nervous system

Drugs that block muscarinic receptors are able to enhance nerve repair in various diseases of the peripheral nervous system. In collaboration with WinSanTor Inc based in San Diego, USA, the laboratory of Dr. Paul Fernyhough at University of Manitoba now plans to develop novel peptide antagonists that also block the muscarinic receptor. These peptides will provide new intellectual property and permit testing of efficacy to prevent disease in animal models of neuropathy. The postdoctoral fellow will learn pharmacological approaches associated with drug screening, in vivo methodologies and will be exposed to business processes at the WinSanTor site. In particular, at WinSanTor the intern will be introduced to methods of peptide synthesis, clinical trial preparation, patent filing/protection and fin

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Fernyhough;Christopher Anderson


Farhana Naznin




Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Manitoba


Accelerate International

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