Development of sustainable spray-lining technology for rehabilitation of damaged wastewater concrete pipes

Thousands of kilometers sewage pipelines suffer from severe bio-corrosion caused by prolonged exposure to highly aggressive environments. Over the past several decades, many approaches have been developed to reduce the risk of concrete bio-corrosion with variable degrees of success. Over the last 6 years at UBC, a novel cement-free corrosion-resistant coating material was developed to enhance pipes durability and service-life. The proposed project aims to develop sprayable MCC coating for repair and strengthening of corroded wastewater pipes. MCC spray-applied liner facilitates the creation of a protective/repair layer within the old concrete pipe which has huge impact on the environment and also eliminates digging, traffic delays, and is faster to install than many other repair or rehabilitation products

Faculty Supervisor:

Nemkumar (Nemy) Banthia


Negar Roghanian


Mithra Inc


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy




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