Development of Tar Removal Technologies for Biomass Gasification

Nowadays, the sustainable supply of energy is challenging due to growing concerns over climate change and increasing global demands. This leads to an urgent need for developing sustainable and renewable biofuels and bioenergy. Biomass gasification is a very promising route for bioenergy production. However, syngas from this process normally contains unacceptable level of tar. Tar can cause operational issues in syngas downstream applications. Hence, the elimination of tar has been the biggest obstacle in the successful commercialisation of the biomass gasification technology. The key aspects this study are the determination of the key and optimized design parameters for different tar removal techniques and the performance test of these techniques. In addition, it is expected that this project will deliver a new combined tar removal technology that will be able to effectively remove tar from syngas. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Naoko Ellis


Long Cheng


Highbury Energy Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy


University of British Columbia



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