Development of the Metaplex Immuno-Oncology Platform – Formulation Component

Current cancer immunotherapies, although highly successful, are complex to implement, costly, and only effective in small patient populations with specific cancer types. We propose to overcome these problems by developing small molecules to induce immunogenic cell death (ICD), a cancer cell death process that engages the immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells and to generate immunological memory. Cuprous Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CPI) has identified ICD-inducing compounds that are enhanced by copper (Cu) as an adjuvant. Using CPI’s Metaplex technology, Cu and small molecules are co-delivered in nanoparticles to overcome solubility and drug delivery barriers. This research will evaluate how ICD-inducing nanoformulations engage the immune system in animal models and identify lead candidates. Two Elevate Fellows with expertise in immuno-oncology and nanoformulations will contribute to the proposed research, which is anticipated to generate data packages needed to establish strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical partners, ultimately translating the technology to the clinic.

This application describes both projects generally, and the objectives to be completed by Kent Chen (Formulations component)

Faculty Supervisor:

Shyh-Dar Li


Kent Tsung Jeng Chen


Cuprous Pharmaceuticals Inc





University of British Columbia



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