Development of wearable QR-RFID trackers for prevention of spreading of COVID-19

Social distancing and case tracking are effective steps to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and prepare for the recovery of economy. QR code scanning is applied in many countries for case tracking purpose; however, as a smart phone is required and concerns of the privacy have raised, a simple-to-use and cost-effective approach based on non-contact functional system is proposed. By combining QR code with chipless RFID in one tag, a personal information can be read and uploaded automatically before entering into crowded places. Thanks to the sensing function of RFID, too close contact can be detected, and the system will remind or warn the person. In this project, a printed-electronics-solution building upon a react-on-demand (RoD) inkjet printing technology is used for printing chipless RFID. This method not only provides high resolution manufacturing of silver traces through on-site synthesis, but also lower the cost for the whole tag.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jun Yang


Junfeng Xiao


Canadian Two-Dimensional Barcode Technology Inc.




Information and cultural industries


Western University



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