Developmental Evaluation of the STAR Recovery Centre

This research project centres on a new recovery centre for vulnerable adults with complex mental health and addictions issues in Toronto. Recovery is an approach to mental health that values person-centred care and self-direction. Recovery centres are educational centres, based in the community, that provide programs that help people live normal, meaningful lives in their communities. This research project will be an evaluation of the early stages of a recovery centre. The evaluation asks: 1) what are the key components of a recovery centre and how do these lead to positive outcomes, and; 2) what is working well with the recovery centre? These questions will be answered through interviews and focus groups conducted by the intern in addition to substantive on-site observation. Findings will be communicated through monthly reports and a final report. This evaluation will provide real-time feedback on what is working well that will help with strategic planning and documenting innovation for decision makers at the recovery centre. Additionally, this research will add to the the emerging academic literature on recovery centres through the creation of a model that identifies key components of this approach and connects these components with outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Geoff Nelson


Tim MacLeod


St. Michael's Hospital




Life sciences


Wilfrid Laurier University



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